API Documentation ( BETA )

As the world's leading mirror alert service, we provide API solutions to our customers. If you need to customize your notifications or process data for your own projects, we will proud of being a part of your excellent jobs.

You can use our API for many purposes:

  • Add notifications faster
  • Integrate them into your systems
  • Instantly track your total records
  • Find out your page has been hacked
you are completely free!

Why use the API?

The API allows you to declare remotely without using the notify page.

How to Use API?

We have 3 parameters for API and it will generate a JSON output when you entered parameters.

Parameter Type Description Usage
domain required page to archive ?domain=https://zone-db.org
attackerName required Archive owner ?domain=https://zone-db.org&attackerName=syntax
domains optional Multi-page archiving ?domain=[https://zone-db.org,https://api.zone-db.org]

User and website operations

Parameter Type Description Usage
attackerName required username ?information=true&attackerName=syntax
domain required Hacked domain name ?information=true&domain=https://zone-db.org